About Us

This website all started because I filmed an event at my local railway station, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset in the UK (https://youtu.be/GZrtZv0TUj4) with my young son and it started to get 1000s of views.  That was back in early May 2009 and so we now have a fascination for the British Steam Train.  Neither myself or my son are experts but do tend to seek out items of interest on ‘all things trains’, not just British or just Steam but, none the less it’s still fun.

Welcome to our new look British Steam Train website although, I must admit that it’s not all steam trains.

I’m using a different system to grab Steam train features from around the Internet and it’s not as thorough as my old software that is now discontinued by the vendor.

However, I’ve found some articles, images and links to Youtube videos of interest that I feel capture the atmosphere of what this site is about.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to run the videos directly from this site in the future, which is what I used to do, of course but, until then, I’ll manually add content as I go.


If you have come across some great ‘Steam Train’ content, please add it by using the ‘Submit’ button from the menu top left of the page (see screen-shot below).  You will have to join but, it’s free and your chosen content will be shown to all visitors when they browse, thank you 😊

Please add anything you enjoy to your ‘Favourites’.  Martyn B.


How to add your own content to this page

How to add your own content to this page