British Steam Train started around 10 years ago and, then, when my son was young, I took a short video of a train going through a station which has been viewed by, approaching, 60,000 people on


This inspired the re-launch of this website which automatically pulls in popular and viral videos to do with steam trains.  It also features subscriber posts which can be Shared all around Social Media.


If you would like to partake, by all means create an account and I’ll add your image, text, audio or video to the site … it’ll be fun and interesting.


I aim to feature anything that might be of interest to a steam train enthusiast.  I’m not a train spotter but enjoy the history of the times around the steam train era.


While posting steam train videos, I often end out staying watching a documentary from, well, just about anywhere as I’m taken back to the fascinating days of the British locomotion.


I will add a section for steam trains outside of Britain but the main emphasis will be the British Steam Train.


Your feedback is welcome; admin(at)