Controlling Trains – Network Rail engineering education (3 of 15)

Rail travel is the safest mode of transport in Britain. Making it safe, efficient and reliable is one of our jobs. This is the story of how we control trains — the block system, signalling and the different technologies used to control the network.

Using Computers – Network Rail engineering education (7 of 15)

Computers assist in virtually every single area of our operations — and the operations of our suppliers. They are vital to our work. Anyone entering our workplace can expect to use a computer or computer system to assist in making work more efficient, quicker — and safer. This film profiles two of the ways we… Read more »

The New Measurement Train – Network Rail engineering education (8 of 15)

Our fleet of infrastructure monitoring vehicles inspect the network 24/7, in order to predict and prevent faults occurring. This film profiles the flagship New Measurement Train. A high-speed track inspector and test-bed for cutting edge technology, it’s the most advanced train of its kind in the world.

The Institute of Making – Network Rail engineering education (10 of 15)

Zoe Laughlin from Kings College London’s Institute of Making introduces a film on the amazing world of materials — she listens to crystals in metals, demonstrates the incredible properties of super conductors at low temperatures — and explains how material science will transform how we heal bones.

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